How to update hidden geometries


I find myself updating parameters that affect multiple geometries. However, it feels like the geometries that are hidden at the moment the update are not being updatet in the viewer. That leads to problem when I want to instantly make thos geometries visible. Let me show an example of a problem with camera moves between different views (different sets of geometries for each view).

How I want it to work/The intended behavior when moving the camera.

How it looks like when I updated parameters before performing the view change

As you can see the view change is not very smooth anymore. My hinge is that this is because the geometries of the ‘2D’ view have not yet been updated in the viewer and need to be loaded on the view change.

What I tried
I basically tried updating the geometries of the “2D viewer” using functions like getBoundingBox and updateSelected on them.

Special Note
Actually, the geometries of the 2D viewer are just one geometry (the groundplane) with an image (as material) on it that contains all the other information.

Anyone can help me witht his issue? I think it might be solveable if I could do something like preloadGeometry(geometryScenePath)

Thank you! I hope I am (not yet) bugging you with my questions.

All the best