How to "unlink" Objects?

Hello, what i want to do is to “Unlink” (don’t know if it’s the right word) 2 objects whenever i copy and paste the new one, the only way i’ve been able to do that is by creating a new layer and put the copy there, but i copy/paste multiple times during a design proccess, and i want to be able to obtain an unlinked copy that i can manipulate regardless of if i turn off the layer of the original object.

Thank you

Hello - are you asking about block instances?


Not sure what block instances is, i’m sorry. I’ll explain: I draw a square, y copy and paste it, i have a second square now. Then when i turn off the layer of the original square, that action hides both squares, and what i want to do is to unlink them so when i turn off the layer, it only hides the original square and not the copy. Thankyou in advance.

You need to copy the object to a different layer. Then when you turn off the layer with the original object the copy will continue to be visible.
Make the layer panel visible if it is not visible.
Select the object to be copied so it is visible.
Go to the layer panel and right click on the layer where you want the copy to be. A drop down menu opens. Click on “Copy Objects to Layer”.

Your objects don´t seem to be linked, there are just on the same layer. Copy Objects to Layer or Change Object Layer should do it.

That’s what i was doing but i was hoping that there was another way so i don’t have to create another layer eveytime. Thanks for your answer

Two ways to control visibility of objects:

Turn on and off the layer the object is located on.

Use the Hide and Show commands. Note that while you can Hide individual objects the Show
command makes all hidden objects visible.

HideSwap is hand here