How to unit 2 or more pipes?

Hi, how to unit pipes with curved angle? In Rhino

Per D’ori.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hi Vlad - it looks like a BooleanUnion works fine on these.

Or is there a specific place in that model that is giving you issues?

Not only here, all places…I need to unit this pipes like in real life… :sweat_smile:

If your file contained nicely structured input geometry,
it would be easier for people to help you. Make use of layers…

Some of your pipes do not have a curve along their axis.

Once you have all your curves, you can fillet the sharp corners with a radius larger than your pipe radius. Then pipe

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Yes, sorry for layers. Could you tell me what command did you use for this?

Fillet curves

Fillet curves will of course work, but in 3D space, try blending curves so that you can deal with curves not in the same plane. The attached gives an idea of how this can end up looking. The pipe work around the center console is done with curve blends.

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The corners in the file above are all planar.