How to uninstall latest sr and install last sr

I’m finding this sr stinks it’s hanging and bad screen redrawing I can’t live with.
How to dump the current sr and revert back to the last sr as that worked for me.

Hello - the older installers are in some cryptically named folders here:

you’ll need to poke around to find the right one.
It would be good to get more information about the stink, however.


Hi Pascal,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner been busy.
About Rhino…
I get intermittent server busy errors leaves Rhino unresponsive and I have to shut down via task manager.
I get massive stalling occasionally when doing a sub curve selection using shift control keys in shaded mode.
Shaded mode seems bugged with problems.
Certain viewmodes won’t allow selecting objects.
Rhino stalls when curves have filleting or after fillet polycurves command.
Planar surface creation is slower than extrude and sometimes fails for no reason.
Unable to quickly boolean out areas on semi complex shapes leaves Rhino dying with boolean failure or I have to shut down via task manager.
Saving files to another Rhino version still has this old bug where I have to save twice to get Rhino to save as a v5 file. This has been in all srs. The first time rhino doesn’t save as a v5 file but the second time the dialog pops up.

Now I have sr10 and I see a new bug with anti aliasing in the layout detail that wasn’t in last sr. Argh now my bread and butter which is sending out pdfs is messed up a bit too.