How to unify two meshes?


In Rhino, I have gotten two meshes that I want to be joined to give me one unified mesh, to use its vertices on naked edges and anchor them on Kangaroo.

My question is: How can I join two meshes in order to unify their naked edges?

I have tried to model the whole thing first on Nurbes then convert it to mesh but the result was a broken mesh and of course i used QuadRemesh too.

(you can see 3 things in this file: 1-Primary meshes individually. 2-The naked edge I want to have as a result. 3-Joined mesh by Rhino’s command.)

Thanks for answers.

mesh.3dm (4.2 MB)

Hi. Welcome to this forum!

Step back.
You have to join your nurbs objects, before the meshing part.
Joining the meshes will not “seal” the edges that are not aligned. In your case the whole edge have different parametrization, edge lengths, they will not join at all.

Can you attach the original geometry? The nurbs one.

Hi there
thanks for your reply
and here you are:
nurbs.3dm (14.1 MB)

Your blue polysurfaces are already correctly joined.
Just mesh those, and be sure to not check the “Jagged seams” option. It should give you a joined mesh.

then… I don’t know what you are up to…

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You’re right, Thanks for Your Guidance.

Hi again, dear Riccardo Majewski

I’ve gotta ask another question on this mesh. I have some circles on the polysurface and after joining the whole geometry, I tried to convert them to mesh, after that to make the mesh, a better mesh, I used Quadremesh but some of my circles on the mesh disappeared, do you have any suggestion on how to have the small circles accurately on this converted mesh?

mesh.3dm (6.0 MB)