How to unassign material from an object?

Hi, is there a way to unassign a material from an object? Example:
Say I wanna try out a plastic material on a single object/surface. Works great for that object. So I go through the parameters to set it right/etc. Looks good. Then I wanna try it on another object, but immediately notice it doesn’t quite cut the mustard. I wanna unassign or delete the material from that object to quickly try another. I don’t see an option for this anywhere. Always have to delete the material, which will delete it from the other objects that did look great…search again through the Material Editor for another, etc, etc. Which takes abit of time, would seem much easier to just be able to unassign the material from individual objects/surfaces. Anyone know of a way to do this. Or do ya have to first assign the material to a layer and then add/delete objects as seems fit. Thx

Hello - simply assign the next material to the object, the first one will be replaced. If you want to restore an object to its default state, material wise, assign the material by layer.


Ha, should’ve figured that, thx. Btw Pascal, do u know if there is a document or summary of the features of Sub D inside the Rhino WIP? Thx