How to turn off north arrow / compass in the the top view

How do I the turn off north arrow / compass in the lower right corner of the top view? this north arrow also shows up in the print and I could not find a way to turn it off.

That sounds like something potentially being drawn by a plugin. Do you have any extra plugins installed?

To help others as I just struggled through this, ClimateStudio has a north arrow: Learning ClimateStudio — ClimateStudio latest documentation.

I will echo that, ClimateStudio Compass is great. And it follows the view so that it always points to the North. And you can even edit ‘North Offset’ to a degree in case the y axis doesn’t align with the GEO North.

This feature doesn’t work well with ViewCaptureToFile at this point. If you are gonna export good quality images. This compass will totally mess up your graphics.
I don’t recommend ClimateStudio Compass if a neat and smooth workflow is needed.

Enjoy exploring.