How to turn off headlight

Dear all,

I am attempting to see the void fraction profile of stacked spheres by changing the transparency/opacity of the spheres (the top view of the packing is displayed in the attached figure). The problem is that the reflection of headlight (and associated shadows) ruin the measurement (which I`ve done in image processing add-ons in Matlab). Is there any way to turn off or eliminate the headlight? I tried to use Edit Light Properties and there was no option to do so. Thanks in advance

Anthony, you can customize the lighting scheme :

Tried setting > Rhino options > view > new mode and selected No Lighting, no change whatsoever. The object is still glossy and the lighting is still there.

Can you post the 3dm file as well? i guess you probably will get a better image if you use the rendered display mode.

Untitled.3dm (2.5 MB)

Hello - starting from the default Ghosted, you can set gloss to zero:

Does that do what you need?


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Thanks Pascal, now it works