How to turn a whole animated device with connections? And connections and blocks


I made a complex animation with connections and it works fine. Now I think I need to turn my animated device 90° so that it is not show upward but horizontal.

I tried to select all and turn it → connection error.
I make all as child of a cube and try to turn the cube → connection error.

I suppose so one reason is that some objects have connection in relation to the world. I see two ways for the future:

(a) a way to turn all objects and they are fixed to world after the turn
(b) the user can change connections fixed to the world to fixed to a ground object which can be turned

I tried an other way and found a limit:

( c) I imported the animation to a new file as block (animations in blocks is enabled before). I hoped to turn the whole block, but all connections was missing, no IK is there to solve. Could it be possible to get IK support for blocks please?


We have an issue for updating the world space connections when the objects are transformed. We didn’t reach a conclusion about whether or not to make the change.

The blocks concern is a whole other issue. It’s currently not possible but it’s logged as a feature request. I’ll update that as well

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I’ve done a little research.
The issue isn’t whether or not the World should rotate along. The issue is that the direction(s) of a Connection aren’t rotates along when the connected objects are rotated. That’s a bug. Translocation (displacement) of connected objects on the other hand beautifully takes the Connections along.

For Connections to the World maybe reorientation and displacement can be made optional (e.g. via a popup dialog). I think it’s not obvious reorientation and displacement is appropriate and desirable in every situation.

In my opinion we absolutely need the ability to edit Connections’ position and direction (


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