How to turn a nurbs surface into triangular mesh


Is it possible with rhino?


Yep. Mesh the object then run _TriangulateMesh

If you haven’t used Mesh before, then I suggest a read of:



That was easy. Thanks Steve.


I have a similar issue trying to convert a mesh surface to a triangular mesh. Steve, I did as you suggested with some success. That said, once I get a triangulated surface, how then can I convert each triangle to a solid plane? I want to eventually build this form in triangular pieces of steel plate and want the rendering to show me how. Thanks for any assistance.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi kojakolantern - to create flat surfaces from the mesh, use Mesh2Nurbs ; to view the mesh in shaded modes and renderings as flat planes, use Unweld at zero degrees.



Thank you Pascal. It worked! Though, it is strange that I initially converted the larger surface to a mesh and then back to NURBS in order to get the triangular planes. Is that normal?