How to: "Trim" this part (or that part) selectively

in / under python control, I can “rs.Command(Trim, cutting_object object_to_trim)” - and then ‘select cutting object’, then HOW do I say, for instance, in whatever view, if I’ve got a ‘cutting-line (or plane)’ which would, say, cut an ellipse or a circle or a sphere or a box ‘in half’ - how do I tell a script I want the bottom half of this or the left half of that (trimmed-away) ?

You can get the bounding boxes of both halves and look at their respective center coordinates. This gives you an idea of which of the halves is up/down/left/right in some sense.

Generally I find that it’s easier to script Split and not Trim, then you can always determine what parts you want to delete afterwards by some simple test like closest object to a specific or picked point, whether a point is on or inside/outside a surface, etc.


excellent suggestion, I’ll work on it in a ‘test’ script and re-post… thank you!