How to trim the surface by the edge?

Hi I would like to move the edge on the surface, and use this edge to trim the surface, How should I do?

Assuming you want to trim by a constant distance from the edge: OffsetCrvOnSrf to create a temporary curve offset from the edge. Trim using the temporary curve.

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If you want to trim by a variable distance from the edge:
Pipe to create a pipe around the edge. Set the radius to the desired offsets.
Trim using the pipe surface.

If you want to trim only along part of the edge then SplitEdge the surface edge to isolate the desired part of the edge before creating the pipe, or if the edge coincides with a curve Split the curve.

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Third method:
CurveOnSurface to create a curve along the surface which will be the new edge. Make sure it is either closed or starts and ends at surface edges.
Trim using the created curve.

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Hi David, thank you so much for your carefully reply! It helps me a lot.