How to translate "Projects" saving function (project manager) from Matrix to Rhino?

Hi! Everyone! In Matrix I love one of its function that is saving a file as different stages of project, see attached pic:

It is very easy for me to retro back to any stage of my modeling process to make adjustments, and also I can save each part of the model separately, and call back them into my current working window easily.

Dose anyone know how to operate this similar function in Rhino5? I have been looking for answer but cannot find one. please help!!

Also may I know the script of “saving model separately according to layer name/parts”(or anything similar to that)?

I’ll be more than appreciative if anyone could provide some clues!!

Rhino has an _IncrementalSave command which will automatically save and assign a sequentially numbered file to the location of your choosing.
I’m sure Matrix uses something similar to this with it’s job bags/project manager.

Ohh! Ok! Thank you so much Aaron, I’ll try it out!!