How to transform a set of objects of nurbs or mesh to a uniform ingot?


Hello, I have a cube which I duplicate in 2 parties, I receive:

If to use the FlowAlongSrf tool to impose an array of cubes on a sphere, I receive it:

Question! How to make all array of cubes a uniform object and the program saw the uniform massif? That when using FlowAlongSrf the program adjusted one massif on a sphere.


Really there is no tool for association of many objects?

(Chris Kuether ) #3

How about ‘group’ ??


Objects are all the same divided (just in group) and the program sees them as separate objects.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Russlav - I am not sure I understand the question yet, but you might try Block on the objects…?



What is necessary, thanks!

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Russlav - see Help on the Block command - I am not sure that is what you’re looking for but it is all that comes to mind so far.