How to transform a set of objects of nurbs or mesh to a uniform ingot?

Hello, I have a cube which I duplicate in 2 parties, I receive:

If to use the FlowAlongSrf tool to impose an array of cubes on a sphere, I receive it:

Question! How to make all array of cubes a uniform object and the program saw the uniform massif? That when using FlowAlongSrf the program adjusted one massif on a sphere.

Really there is no tool for association of many objects?

How about ‘group’ ??

Objects are all the same divided (just in group) and the program sees them as separate objects.

Hi Russlav - I am not sure I understand the question yet, but you might try Block on the objects…?


What is necessary, thanks!

Hi Russlav - see Help on the Block command - I am not sure that is what you’re looking for but it is all that comes to mind so far.