How to transfer curve panels into planar panels

Attached a big architectural roof structure with boundary knots for curved panels.
I want to use flat panels instead of curved panels.Any command I can smoothen the surface (make curved lines into bent straight) to fit the flat panels?
FLAT PANEL.3dm (98.3 KB)

Something like the attached? FLAT PANEL DC1.3dm (260.0 KB)

I intersected the curves to obtain the corner points, then made panels using SrfPt. What you see in the example took about 3 minutes.


A planar surface should be formed by 3 points. Cplane will never ask for 4 points.
Any gap or overlap (clash) between panel to panel in this case?

I try to justify the panel is flat or not by copy and paste a sample as attached.

I aim to make the dz=0 to make sure it is flat for fabrication by rotation but I can’t.
Could you do that?Single panel.3dm (36.3 KB)

Some of the quadrilaterals with vertices at the intersections of your curve set are twisted and non-planar as in your sample. Many curved surfaces can not be covered by sets of planar quadrilateral panels with vertices on the surface. This is due to geometry, not how Rhino or any other CAD software does calculations.