How to? Tower that begins as a star and gradually becomes a circle


I’m trying to create a series of the attached star shape (Seen in File).

As the series progresses, I would like the star to become a circle.

One way I see to do this is to gradually decrease ‘Rib Depth’ through the progress.

It would be ideal to control over how quickly the transition occurs through the series, perhaps through a graph mapper.

Assistance greatly appreciated.

Star (18.6 KB)

Star (12.9 KB)

Star (15.9 KB)


Nice - Thank you HS_Kim.

Since you were so helpful, I wonder if you can complete the puzzle. Can you add a twist to the model and variable form? As seen in my previous model.
Star vase (22.1 KB)

Star (17.9 KB)

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On this model: The graph mapper (left) is linked to both shape/form and circle/star expression.

Can you make these separate? eg 3 graph mappers
-Star to circle

Thank you so much