How to to convert a polyline into a nice degree3 curve matching the flow?

@jarek or anyone else: have extracted the pipemesh to thicken but results are a polyline, is there any option to easily convert into a degree3 curve matching the overall curve flow? Want to extrude the curves… thanks a lot

I think your choices will be to either use Rebuild or FitCrv (Refit curve to tolerance). You also might have some luck with RebuildCrvNonUniform. HTH, --Mitch

Hi Hannes,

In FlatWorms, there is a built-in tool called ‘Smart Convert Polylines to Curves’. It was designed exactly for what you need. The trial version has it fully functional. Once you run FlatWorms, its under Tools command line options. See the FlatWorms website for a description and samples.