How to thicken my parabolic wall

wall with site context (1).3dm (734.8 KB)

Ive been trying to thicken my parabolic wall to about 1.5m but it wont behave in the way i want looking for any insight or someone who can show / do it for me as its for my final project any helps greatly apreciated!

Dear @Dorian1
If you want to offset a Surface by 1.5m - as soon as you offset to the concave side, the minimal Radius has to be bigger then those 1.5m.

there is
_curvatureAnalysis (make sure to set the analysing-mesh-settings nice)
(see screenshot, analyse a full surface with color-Feedback)
(analyse a single point of the surface with precise Values)

your main interest for curvatureAnalysis is the min radius value.
you can set it to 1500…1501 so you only will see values below / above 1500 - see above.

To offset a complex surface like this - maybe some voxel-based tools / software is a easier approach.
if you don t depent on a precise 1.5m thickness, you may also construct /extract some curves and build 2 Surfaces that have an approximate distance.

kind regards -tom