How to take the area centroid on a curve and move it to Z=0

On the attached sample file I have several curves, and I want to take the Area Centroid of each one and move them to Z=0 ( in other words so they are all centered on the Z )

What I’m doing right now is creating a point using the Area Centroid and then copying that X,Y,Z coordinate to notepad and then changing the Z to:0 and then doing a Move on that point and curve to the new X,Y,Z coordinate.

This is working, but its taking some time to do that on each curve.

Is there a quicker way to do this ?



Sample file 3.3dm (35.6 KB)

Have a look at the SetPt command:

Hi Kent - if you have that much patience, this is a perfect opportunity to learn a bit of scripting - it will make a great first project - when you’re done, it will move all your curves instantly.


Sounds great… I am up for the challenge…

Thanks for sharing the guide…