How to sweep this curve along/between the other two curves


I’m trying to have this cyan blue curve extruded along/in between the other curves and I just can’t figure it out… how do I do this?

sweep along curves.3dm (133.9 KB)

Hi Jorn - you can’t get branching structures in one go with surfaces - you’ll need to construct it in bits.

Two sweeps and some surface fillets:

I cheated a little letting the sweeps handle the corners by ‘AddSlash’ at those locations in Sweep2. Probably if I were being careful I’d do those some other, les automatic way.

sweep along curves_Maybe.3dm (420.9 KB)



Thank you for your replay! The drawing you send me is working for me. However the sweeping method is not working for me… for some reason it does not follow the curve and gives me a lot of weird shapes…

But thanks for the help!