How to subdivise length between points within a grid?

Hi everyone,

I’m a regular rhino user, but a real beginner on grasshopper, so my problem will probably seems easy to you. I tried many ways to do it but still can’t find the solution (neither on this forum or on youtube). Hope someone around will get the trick :slight_smile:

I made kind of a wavy grid where each (red) point have to be a circle, then the (blue) diagonal midpoint (green) between each of these circle have to be another size of circle.

thanks for your advices


arthur_intersection.3dm (3.6 MB) (7.2 KB)

make twice the amount of points and cull the odds and evens differently: (6.8 KB)

How quick !

I was struggling on way more laborious method (including lists and so on). Your way seems more efficient and logical in the end.

Thank you very much !