How to Stop Replace Block from Rotating Items?


I’ve been making a 3D model of a theatre based off an autocad plan. Currently I am trying to line up 3d blocks of theatre seats with 2d autocad blocks of seats.

All of the 2d blocks were in the right place so I wanted to replace them all with the 3d block. It has ALMOST worked perfectly- but when I use Replace Block the 3d replacement blocks are rotated in the wrong direction.(imagine a theatre where all of the seats are placed in perfect curves- the only difference being that you’re facing the wrong wall)

I tried changing the relationship of the original blocks- rotating the 2d block 90 degrees one time and vice versa with the 3d block when it didn’t work. It seems that no matter what I try the final result is the block facing the wrong direction.

Ho Gabi - I think if BlockEdit the 3d block and rotate it 90 or the 2d one -90 (or how ever it works out) in the block definitions, you should be good. Is that what you tried?