How to stop camera turning instead of object with Rhino and V-Ray Next?

I’ve been having issues with V-Ray Next and Rhino, where I cannot get the object to turn in a video instead of the camera. Any ideas on what I can do there?

I would say it’s an optical illusion, the camera is turning around, because the reflections are changing over the whole loop only and are not repeating if the stones are at the same position. (It’s difficult to describe for me but I hope you understand what I mean. :wink: )

Not sure how that is helpful? If the Camera/lighting is turning then it causes issues for the lighting in the whole scene.

What are you expecting to look different here? The video looks like the object is rotating not the camera.

I want the ring to turn only, you can see from the video when the camera is moving it effects the lighting on the ring, in a studio this would not happen if it was on a turntable, the lighting and camera would remain in the same positioning, when the camera moves it affects the lighting.

Than you need to animate the ring and not the camera - it could be done per Bongo animation plugin.

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