How to start this model

Hi Everyone, i have to do this tap and i don’t know how to start modeling my reference is the picture

Thanks guys


First step is to divide the overall surface into several surface patches, and create those patches. It may be simplest to ignore the groove to begin, and add it later.

Hi Mau - from this image it looks like: there is a revolved surface at the bottom, a revolve at the top and a pair of surfaces that may in fact also be revolves but not on the same center as the main cap. This pair , (the outer one and an offset inward)

Then, some small transition surfaces are added - these could be fillets - to round off sharp corners.
Something like the attached, by wat of a start to thinking about laying out the pieces - except for the edge surfaces, it’s all revolved surfaces.

Cap_Test_PG.3dm (412.7 KB)


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Thank you for your answer Pascal

i add the .3dm model where you can see how a tried… Can you say something about it?

i post some more pictures about the cap softener

cap ensueno.3dm (3.0 MB)



Hi Mau - I tihnk that is about the layout I had in mind, but I would not use the blend surfaces as you have - you lose control of the design in this case. I’d work with filleting, conceptually, like this:

even if in the end you replace the fillets with G2 surfaces. I think the result will feel more deliberate and ‘designed’.


First of all, thank your for your support, i try to do it in order to have a better results I keep going trying.




I have ever seen the attached before, i just seen it.

Thanks for your wonderful help