How To: Stairs & Customizing the Length of Stair Landing?


While in Stair creation mode, I have a custom landing that is not your typical landing, but rather it is a customized landing in which the length will vary and this dimension will change further down the road.

How do I adjust the length of a stair landing while still in stair creation mode and after I exit out of the command, can I still readjust the length of the landing?


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@MetDesignLab Yes, you can edit that through the stair control points. In order to control the position of stair landings, when you are inserting the stair you need to click on the start and ending point of a middle landing. Later on you can edit that stair flight (from the Stair Properties dialog) and indicate it is a landing. In this post you have more details how this works:
Finally you can activate the control points of the stair and change the position or lenght of the landing.