How to split up rotated elements of a dome?

Hi all!

I’m really a beginner in Grasshopper and I’m struggling a lot with achieving the goal I want.

Following issue I can’t manage to work is to split up the dome, so I have a serie of 36 arms, in order to be able to adjust every segment of the structure by a curve.

Also I would like to split up every segment (two wings) of every arm, so they can also open and close separately.

Thank you very much!

Discrete dome.3dm (3.6 MB)
Discrete (24.8 KB)

You can split them by +/- value of rotation angle…

Discrete (28.3 KB)

or like this in your original definition…

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Hi Jakinta!

Thank you for your help. I maybe didn’t explain it well in my description. But I would like to have every arm separately in orde to change the shape of the dome, by adjusting the curve.

so you want unique curve for every arm or you want to transform initial curve for every arm by some rule?

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After that, I would indeed like to transform the initial curve for every arm by a rule, so that the dome could change into other shapes. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the way I started drawing the dome is the best way to achieve what I want.

Mainly the concept is a ‘smart roof’ for an existing structure. The concept is shown in the image below: But now I would like to be able to make for example asymmetrical shapes.

It’s a schoolproject, but I managed to get myself to be the only student working for the first time working with Grasshopper/Rhino…

Anyone can help me with this please?