How to split an open curve?

Do i have to transform the open curve first before splitting??
…so yes, into what and how?..


Choose “Point” on the command line.

Ok, but do i have to do it line by line? ,… because i try to cut a group of lines at the same time…

Not knowing your task, it’s hard to guess.
How about draw a line intersecting all the curves, set ‘use apparent intersections’ and split with the new line.
Post your file would be best.

Split does not have an “apparent intersection” option.

I have split objects by drawing a temporary line/curve and then extruding it so that it intersects the objects to be split.

[quote=“davidcockey, post:5, topic:10505”]
intersects the objects
[/quote]… ok but in this case it are open curves…, no objects…!

Hi all- I’m not sure if this helps here but if you want to split at the apparent intersection of curves, using the Point option in Split, use the Int osnap, making sure that options > Modeling aids > ‘Use apparent intersections’ is checked.


Objects can refer to lines, curves, surfaces, polysurfaces, etc.

Using this works,…

Txs to all :),