How to split a circle to 96 identical "planks" with coordinates on center and total dimension

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Im new here and kinda new to Grasshopper as well. Mostly I’ve been using it to draw roads and offset these in Tekla to get the best outcome but I wish to expand my knowledge and apply it in my current project.

My issue/question is the following:

I have center coordinates on a round platform. What I wish to do now is to make it a panel divided in to 96 panels with identical measures. And the platform needs to have a outlined diameter of 15,4m.

I’ve inserted the image for clarification. Blue, red and green panels are only to show you how I was thinking of having the panels.

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Shortcut in Rhino. I assume the same can be done in Grasshopper.

Circle wih desired radius/diameter.
Rebuild the circle as Degree1 with 96 points. Make sure “Preserve end tangent directions” and “Make SubD friendly” are not checked.
Explode the polyline into individual segments.

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Wow, thank you for such a quick reply mate. This really made everything easier.

If I want the object to be centered around a specific coordinate (x,y,z) - where should I add that?

The ‘P’ input of Circle, which is actually a plane so could be XZ or YZ (or whatever). If you supply only a point, it will assume XY plane at that location.

If you look closely (top view), you will see that the planks overlap slightly because they are centered on the circle. You can change the ‘thickness’ domain so they are all outside the circle but that will leave bigger gaps between them. How do you plan to resolve that? Maybe tongue-and-groove planks?

Thank you, I figured it out. It’s perfect.

This is a construction platform so I will have to look into that and how they will fix it. Its all heavy regulated…