How to sort among two separate partitioned lists


I have two lists which are 616 units in length. One is a list of 616 vectors and the other is a list of 616 numerical scores ranging from 0-1.

I have partitioned each list in sets of 8, and i want the max score (and corresponding vector) from each set of 8. I can calculate the max score for each set of 8 numerical scores easily enough, leading to a list of 77 “top scores.” I simply want the corresponding vector (same position in original 616-long list) for each “top score.”

For example, in the first case, the top score in set {0;0} is 0.797, which is index position 6. So i would like to grab the vector from {0;0} that is in position 6, which is {0.0; -1.0, 0.0}.

Any suggestions here would be appreciated ! (16.3 KB) (23.1 KB)

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Nice! Thanks Joseph