How to solve "Linear programming" in C#script?

Hello guys!
I want to a linear programming solver in grasshopper (Linear Programming -
I attempt to use FuncLib.dll via C# to finish it.( the site where I find FuncLib.dll is"")The problem confused me is using the functions of FuncLib.dll in C#.Because no SDK or API found,I failded to sort out linear programming.Is there anybody have a SDK or api of FuncLib.dll?

Chrome is not allowing me to download the library.

If you open a new project in microsoft visual studio and add the .dll as a reference. You might be able to go into the object browser and look through the functions available in there.

Check Nmath

It also has a well documented API

Hi Christopher,
I download the files in this website:Index of /download/binary/Ipopt
And the I got is below.As you suggested,I am going to try it in mircrosoft visual studio.
Thanks a lot. (9.8 MB)

Hi Nicholas,
“C# Mixed Int Linear Programming” in NMath is excatly what I want and I found it few days ago.But it is too expensive to buy it.Thank you all the same.

The library does not seem to have it’s summary available for reading, so there is not much help with what the functions do.

is the only location I can find with some knd of summary for each function. Sorry I can’t help you more.

Thank you so much. I will do it further.