How to smooth two surfaces

Thanks so much! :grinning:

Hi Konrad! Thanks so much! I am just trying to do what you wrote.
I give you the first video of what i do, only 2 minutes: i am arriving to do what you write, until i have to do “_fillet”: as you can see, i can’t get rid of the self intersection of the curve, and i don’t know why, can you please help me? Below i give you the link on my youtube:
Thanks so much! :grin:

Hi again Konrad! I tried again to _fillet, after my post today with a video, and as we can see in the new video i did, below, of 20 seconds, when _ fillet is possible, the thing is very strange, and i don’t know why, do you have an idea? :grinning:

Thanks so much! :grinning:

Hi Kostaldeak,

I have to say you don’t give up :wink: but at this point you are beating a dead horse. The quality of the model is not very good and your tolerances are just to loose. Please do these steps first:

I would suggest starting with a new file and choosing the “small objects” template. Try to model your shape with 6-8 controlpoints like this

Since your model is so small- may I ask what it is and why it has to be so small and how your are planing to machine a 0.05 radius - a fillet radius of 1mm seems way too large. try 0.1 or smaller but I strongly advice to start over
I am afraid otherwise I can’t help you further :wink:
Good luck!

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Hi Konrad, yes, this is the good scale!
It is for jewellry, and for Metal 3D printing. :grinning:
Thanks so much