How to Smooth Push and Pull a MESH?

Hello all.

I found a nice grasshopper code here on the forum that lets me move around points to create a cool bubble surface that I can export as a mesh…

My one wish is, the start of the code starts as a box. I need to start with a closed MESH form and move around these point to pull and push the mesh where I want it.

Is there any easy way of starting this script based on a MESH and not a box ?
That would be really cool.

Or is there another tool that I can pull and push smoothly mesh like a magnet ?

Here is the script and screen shot. Rhino 7.
Thank you.

magnet (9.4 KB)

exploring the tool it took me 30 s to find !


Thank you so much for your 30 seconds of help ! :slight_smile:

One related question.

Is there anyway to positioning a point near a mesh surface and attract the mesh towards the point like a magnet. So I could create wave forms on a mesh that I could control the position of the points.

Any idea ?
Thank you.
Ian :slight_smile:

what you seems to want is an attractor. You could use jellyfish for that but you could also use a fine mesh and the attractor logic. You’ll find many examples of that.
If it is on the whole mesh, some bump/displacement could also be applied.