How to Smooth a polysurface?

It took me a very long process to figure out how to model this Porsche. But after the main surfaces are done, the results are a bit bumpy in some areas!
Is there a way to smooth those areas without going in the process of rebuilding it from scrach? being a polysurface, most common comands for surfaces doesnt work (rebuild, match, smooth, etc.).
Any ideas?
Thank you!

porsche911_191217.3dm (11.2 MB)

That flank of the 911 is the key surface on that car and should really be drawn all in on piece with as few control points as possible to get a simple clean surface. You’ll always see any fudging or discontinuity there…

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You also need to learn about class-a bezier surfacing. This is excellent tutorial to start with

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also you have a more closer example on this book :

from @Alejo

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Thank for the quick responses. I will try the flank solution and look for the other references.
As soon as i have new results i will post again.
Thank you.

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The entire model is a mess. Some polysurfaces are upside-down. Some surfaces have order of magnitude too many control points. Most are untrimmed, so they bloat the model. Smooth command can be used on the control points to remove wrinkles, but this model has to be totally rebuilt.

I would use DupEdge and ExtractIsocurve commands to extract basic geometry. Next I would rebuild these curves. Some curves may need smoothing (Smooth command). Finaly, I would make all the surfaces from the curves.

If you cannot match a surface because it is too big, use ShrinkTrimmedSrf followed by Untrim. Another option is using Rhino 7 testTrimRefit command. It works on four sided trimmed surfaces. The testTrimRefit command converts trimmed surface to untrimmed surface without changing its shape.