How to simulate a wrapped frame with membrane in rhino/grasshopper?

Hi guys, I did the following simulation using Marvelous designer, the membrane/fabric stretched around the frame of rings. how to realize this in rhino/grasshopper? And if the frame is in other shape? I was before using kangaroo but the result is not good. Thanks

What have you tried in Kangaroo? - if you post the file I can help you fix it.

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Anyway, here’s a way to approach this.
I could probably also add at some point a new goal specifically for collision between meshes and curves to make it faster and allow for wrapping thinner pipes without needing such a dense mesh. (19.0 KB)


That would be helpful for all sort of membrane / tent studies…

Thanks Dan! I think I failed to figure out the right way to make the mesh shrink to wrap the pipes!

Post your file with the relevant geometry internalised so someone can take a look.

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I think the poster meant they couldn’t figure it out before, but now they do understand (since they also marked the question as solved).
If there is still a problem though - please do post a file.

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Hi Martin, yes the problem has been solved. thank you!


Then please click the Solution button in @DanielPiker’s post above

already done :slightly_smiling_face: