How to simplify mesh from an import of speedform?

Hello everyone

I need your knowledge about an import from speedform to rhino

As you can see on the pictures, the shape i imported is very full of edge. i would like to get only to most principal curves to re-create surfaces with rhino.

So the question is how to simplify the mesh ? or maybe there is an other tip ?

thanks a lot rhino community !!



Hi @emile_francois
Just a heads up: There are no pictures attached :slight_smile: But… a place to start could be the ReduceMesh command.
HTH, Jakob

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thanks you, i just edit it :slight_smile:

my take would be to explode the mesh, if that leaves you with the boundary surface you can use Dupboarder followed by RebuildCrvNonUniform for instance so generate smooth corelating curves then loft.