How to simplify Image sampler's colors?

Dear all,

I’m trying to use the IMAGE SAMPLER component to get a simple color mosaic effect, but there are too much kind of colors by the default setting, may I have just 12 colors on my surface?

I knew that we could reduce it by colour brightness. but I have no idea to reduce RGB color.

Thanks for your help in advance!!!


resample (604.4 KB)


I have worked on some projects that had to deal with a mosaic-like effect
if you have to reproduce an image using a limited number of colors, and the image must be still “readable” after the process, I really suggest to downsample it in some “dedicated software” or through code, and then sample it in GH when the colors have already been translated into the final limited color range

color dithering, noise and other “special treatments” you can use while downsampling will get a more vibrant result

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Dear Riccardo, Thanks for your reply! That’s a Genius method !

Dear inno, What software could we use?

Dear Joseph, Thanks a lot!

You can use Import image component

color (13.7 KB)

omg this is awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@cai.yi520 I would definitely give a try to @diff-arch code!

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