How to show layer a certain PictureFrame sits on?

I have a jpg I need to use and have found its name on a PictureFrame in ‘materials’ tab, so its in ‘here somewhere’ ! and need to find its layer then view layer and work on it.
How is this done ?
I cant see anything in right click list on the PictureFrame to say show layer or open and select item.


select the the object then right click in the layer, something similar to this should show up. or are you not seeing the picture frame at all? not sure how to understand your description.

this is what I see when I right click the pictureFrame in ‘materials’ tab, and need to find the layer I had set the PictureFrame to.


And the “select objects” item (3rd from top in the menu) doesn’t select it? (It won’t if it’s locked or hidden)

oops didnt spot that, try it and if the image exists, and if the layers are unlocked, then the hammer and ‘show object layer’ works.

I try another file and most see nothing happen, its one of those thats brought in loads of ‘materials’ which dont actually exist when searched on. OMG what a system !
I see a yellow line appear but zoom all viewports does nothing.

So unlock all layers, then right click and select object, then hammer and ‘show object layer’ and zoom all viewports icon, if the PictureFrame is not a red herring !


The picture frame you show is not in use. You can tell by the lack of triangles in the corners of the thumbnail of the material

(unless that didn’t exist in v5 yet :man_shrugging: )