How to show internal UV map of a model?

Hello: I am investigating the internal mechanism of UV maps. Using UVMapper, I have found that once a model has been subjected to the UV process, the UV map becomes part of the file. In my case, OBJ.

I would like to confirm my findings with a different application. Rhino should be able to show me the UV map, right?


Hello - textures are applied to surface UVs by default in Rhino, so applying a checker texture to a surface will show you the UV distribution on that surface. If texture coordinates have been jiggled somehow, then if they are present, Rhino should show you that as well.I have no idea if that is anywhere near the answer you’re after…


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Isocurves also show the UV directions, but I’m not sure how the visble isocurve spacing corresponds to U and V values.

It is not necessarily predicable - it depends on how it got there so to speak -

Left: moved control points, Right, inserted a knot.