How to show a material in layers?

Hi All,

Do somebody know how I can see my material in my layer panel? I know it is possible with windows, properties options. Thanks!

Click the little gear on the bottom on the panel, then Show Columns. Make sure “Material” is checked.

I’m having the same problem. I have all the columns checked but don’t have a header for the materials or the material library. There is a blank column to left of the color layer column.

It’s the blank column after the square layer color swatch.
Mine isn’t displaying the name and clicking the space doesn’t work either.
Looks like a bug.
I’ll get it on the list.


Same here

Maybe it is solved with a new update.

Sorry, somehow this thread slipped by me until now. This feature is not working. We have it planned to release it in an upcoming WIP, but not quite yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s partially hooked up.
If you drag a material onto a layer, it will show up with a preview dot and can be edited when double clicking it in the Layer panel.