How to shape an object between two curves

Hi, I need to make a structural surface between two diferent curves and at the same time rotated by a central axis.
I can upload a screenshot of grasshopper, a screenshot of the floorplan I want to make and the grasshopper file in case it helps.

Modelado 3D.3dm (1.4 MB)

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It almost always helps! Don’t wait for people to beg for it.

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iso (23.6 KB)

Rebuild the curves, adjust the seams, and get the iso curves of the surface.

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Please read this and attach the gh file to get help next time.

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But all the isocurve lines don’t meet at a single center point, as they appear to be in the posted image (and hidden layer). I had too many questions to clarify objectives so abandoned my effort; no GH file posted was also a factor.

Hi Lara, for the set of red curves, perhaps you could:
1 make surface between yellow and purple lines (e.g. loft, though I think trim gives ‘better’ surface)
2 get long version of red lines by radial pattern (e.g. rotate)
3 get the red lines to show up on the surface from 1. (e.g. split, project)

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If ‘some kind of loft of across stuffs falling on the plane of the red lines’ vertical extrusion’ is the next step, I do wonder if there is a risk of over-defining the surface

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There are three ways that I can think of (left to right–>top to bottom)

  • first one, you extract the part of the radial lines that is inside your ‘ring’ and loft them.
    Single surface with correct flow
  • second, you loft the two circular curves and just cut the surface with the radial lines.
    Multiple surfaces but no flow
  • Third: the most complex: you create individual surfaces for each section that retain the ‘flow’ It might be a tad more difficult to handle but combines the advantages of the previous two methods
    Multiple surfaces / correct flow

You can select, depending on how you want to use it in the next steps of your project. (17.1 KB)


Thanks you so much guys! You’ve help me a lot :slight_smile: