How to set up virtual machine with compute.rhino3d

Are there any instructions how to set up the server?
Does it run on linux?

I know about this article:

It says to compile the .cs file, but how? What is in the project? What kind of project should this file be added to?

What are the requirements for the server if it has to be a physical machine?
Do I need RhinoWIP (7.x) installed on the machine or do I need just RhinoCommon and the auth token?

You need a Rhino WIP 7, and a valid license.

It can be a virtual machine, since you don’t need OpenGL for the service to run. Other than that the regular system requirements are valid.

Open compute.sln from the src/ folder.

The frontend and the actual geometry server.

No adding to other projects. This project is providing what you can see as a wrapper around Rhino, providing a ReST API.

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