How to set up curves for simple sweep?

2x (6cp, degree 5) and 2x (3cp degree 2)
all G0

Why does it not allow me to use simple sweep in this example?
1 edges.3dm (50.3 KB)

Hi Radovan - that looks like it ought to work, I’ll check…


Hi Pascal, thanks…I have another example if that would help
all curves are 6cp degree 5 here

2 edges.3dm (42.6 KB)

Hi Radovan - thanks -
On the first file, the weights of the curve points vary - set all to 1 and it should work.
On the second file, the curve end points were, microscopically, not coincident. Use SetPt with the end points of neighboring curves selected to sort that out. It does seem a little stringent, they are very, very close.


It is a bit weird because I didn’t change the weight of points myself…I wonder what happened…anyway thank you for your help

Hi Radovan - if the curve was originally an arc or other conic, the points would be weighted.


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