How to set texture mapping coordinate c++

Hi everyone. I’m creating a material with texture setting by full path already.Now i have other question.
First is how to change class from ON_wString to ON_Texture. Because i use

		ON_wString found_file_full_path = L"D://C.png";
		ON_wString filename = found_file_full_path;
		material.AddTexture(filename, ON_Texture::TYPE::bump_texture);

and after this I can’t point to the texture with any code so that i couldn’t change other parameter like ON_Texture::MODE.
Second and my big question is how to change the offset、repeat、rotation in Mapping. i found that’s the only parameter might change texture’s position.
thank’s a lot!!

Hi, texture mappings control how the texture is mapped onto the surface of an object. Here’s sample code for using texture mappings:

Thanks a lot !!! It’s helpful.