How to set scalefactor on Gumball

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In V5 i’m used to mirroring an object by setting the Gumball scale-handle to -1.
In V6 this value is no longer the scale factor, rather it’s the absolute value to shift the handle.

How would I set the scale factor in the V6 gunball scale-handle rather than an absolute value?


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Willem - This ability is … gone, in V6, replaced by the feature you mention.


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looks like maybe there’s an argument for restoring the ‘old’ functionality…Eh?

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Indeed, I don’t see how would be best, but to be honest, this new behaviour is in my opinion a travesty.


(Pascal Golay) #7

@Willem, @ChrisK, How would it be if the units were required to get the current behavior, else scaling would happen as in V5?


(Willem Derks) #8

I’m afraid I do not understand this.
Would one have to type for instance ‘20mm’ to get current behaviour?

It’s a difficult issue, I understand the use of sliding the scale handle x units. It makes sense from a GUI perspective. However, it being a scale handle I’d expect it to accept scaling factors rather than units.

So there is no obvious solution.
I’m thinking about prefixes like a ‘w’ for world coordinate or < for angle constraints.

However that will hardly be easily discovered.

How about a 2 line input field

The input field pops up anyway. Why not make it a two liner?


(Pascal Golay) #9

Hi Willem - currently, typing “-” or “+” and a number will result in the subtraction or addition of that number of current model units via scaling. You can also be explicit in typing in some other units - what I’m suggesting is that for the addition or subtraction style scaling, the user would be required to enter a unit explicitly, (e.g." -2.05mm")even if current model units are what’s wanted. If the user does not specify a units system then a scale factor is assumed… ?


(Willem Derks) #10

I personally would certainty be happy with that!!!

However there is no easy way to discover the unit option…so it depends on the reasons this was changed in the first place.

I can also imagine a checkbox next to that field that toggles units or factor.



@pascal, I was to ask about how this works since on my side i get a scaling which i do not fully understand:

why does it scale by -2 units if i enter -1 ?


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Hi Clement - that is probably due to an assumption that the scaling is symmetrical… I do not know if it is possible to make it one-sided or just somehow intelligently asymmetrical, I’ll ask Mikko.



Thanks Pascal, ok understood.


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Hi Willem - fixed - no units = scale factor, units = increment.



Gumball bug: wrong explicit scale dimension
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Great! I’m glad I brought it up.