How to set object opacity in ghosted mode

When using the _SetObjectDisplayMode command, one can set the ghosted mode but there’s no option to set opacity.

Is there an option to set it per object?

If not could I make a feature request to add that?


Secondary request, is there maybe possibility to add Ghosted mode per layer?

Hi @ivelin.peychev,

opacity is set via the ghosted display mode then. To get individual opacity per object, you would need to use a material and assign a display mode which shows objects with their render material.


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so individual objects must be set to rendered mode with the proper material, while the viewport is, e.g. wireframe?

But won’t that worsen the performance?

Yes, use _SetObjectDisplayMode=Rendered and make sure to assign the render material having the desired opacity.

I think it will not be slower compared to regular Rendered display mode. You also do not have shadows in Wireframe display mode.


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Thanks @clement !