How to set back the user interface in Grasshopper

One day on my laptop the GH menu appeared without the graphical icons below the tabs.
Just a black bar is visible without the bottons of the nodes.
(Maybe I hit a hotkey accidentally ?)
I searched throug the preference menu, and all the view and display menus, but couldn’t find the option how to cange back the original apperanc of GH interface.

Could someone suggest how to solve this problem?


You should just be able to drag it down

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Unfortunatelly I can’t drag it down.
Every black bar has a scrolldown ,menu with the graphic bottons of the nodes. (Screenshot from my laptop):

I would like to get back the original GH interface. (Screenshot from my desktop )

Not that i have a solution, but just to be sure…
You can’t do THIS:

Tank you Ricardo, and Cervino !

This was the solution.

(After reading Cervino’s recommandation for dragging, I have tried to click and drag the black bars, but that not worked.)

Off-topic, but what software do you use to make those short clips and are they webm, gif or something else?

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