How to set and get user properties like visualarq and rhinobim

anyone can give a python example or some advise to set and get user properties like visualarq and rhinobim…I have tried rs.GetUserText or a jsonstring in rs.objectname with winform propertygrid form control but i like this way better.

You need to make a plugin and use the ObjectPropertiespage class

Thanks,menno. Do you know where they store their user properties which cant be found in rs.GetUserText…

After 3dm file is saved as dwg or dxf file, UserText or ObjectName info will be discarded.
So Is there some way to hold the User Properties info after export to dwg, changed in autocad and reImport to rhino again

Most likely this is stored in a proprietary binary format as plug-in information. If you use the Audit3dmFile command, you can see which plug-ins have stored information in the 3dm file. It is not easy to get this information out.