How to Set a Plane for Surfaces to Extend to


This is an extension (no pun intended) to one of my previous forum questions, but I’m still having trouble conceiving of a simple logic for extending multiple surfaces to a specific plane.

The image shows sketching of what I intend to do in GH. The top surface of each extrusion would stay static, while the bottom surface of each extrusion would stretch to the base reference plane. My presumption is that you would ‘deconstruct brep’, make a ‘list’ of bottom surfaces only, and extend surface using a slider since they are at different heights.

Doing this in Rhino would be no trouble, but I’m going to be iterating on this so improving my GH definition would be ideal. Help is greatly appreciated!

GH Beginner

SurfaceExtendtoRefPlane.3dm (130.8 KB) (5.8 KB)

There is a new feature named Stretch in R6 GH1.0 (78.1 KB)

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Good to know about the stretch feature! That is a very useful tool, and shocked it wasn’t created sooner since this is a fairly common workflow in Rhino that can be very tedious.

Thanks HS_Kim! You’re making my GH experience less daunting.