How to sequentially sort a bunch of points from different branches

I’m reposting my question here because I would like to explore a scripted solution, preferably python as it’s what I’m trying to learn.

I would also like to see something with galapagos or another evolutionary algorithm.

A brute force approach could also be something to look at, might not make much sense with 11 points though.

I apologise if reposting the question is against the rules.

Here is the original topic:

Tried to do it myself and finally got it to work, don’t know if it might be of some use to someone new. The code is a mess and some stuff is repeated a bit too much but for now it has to do.

Next up would be trying to brute force it and then maybe I could try my hand at galapagos.

Anyway, here’s the code if you want a laugh, my first script ever:

python (3.0 KB)

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