How to separate branch Surface and how to change dispatch direction

i create by multiple 26 rectangles then i loft then i divide isotrim

  1. So what i need all 260 surfaces are in one branch i want to separate branches by the number of floors i have
  2. i have used many time dispatch and now i see in this project i don’t know hot to change direction

It looks like your surfaces are sorted and there are 10 per floor so this should work.

partition list


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Thank you Kevin
and what about dispatch how i can change direction from z to x or y i have try with flip matric but its not possible

I don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish, can you explain.

Also if you want further help, please post a grasshopper file with internalized geometry.


my question is how to change the direction of Dispatch like Dispatch working with True False
i have a Tower and I want dispatch to select panels by y direction, not z , CHange direction
we use i for many projects and when i needed to change i used Flip or Reserve
i will send the project and you will understand what im asking

Panel (22.5 KB)

Here’s your original panels (in a list). After passing through the Dispatch you get panels alternating in the y-direction.

After passing the list of panels through the Partition List component you have panels grouped by z-direction. Then passing these panels through a Dispatch component you get panels alternating in the y-direction.

If you take the panels that are grouped by z-direction and pass them through a Flip Matrix component and then through a Dispatch component you get panels alternating in the z-direction.

Panel (23.9 KB)

The Dispatch component just splits a list between the 2 outputs using the pattern you supply (True, False by default and in your file).


thank you very much Kevin